Communicating without Words

When couples are busy building a life together, there is no guarantee they will have time to sit and talk. They might live in total chaos with children, pets, careers and all the impediments of normal life. Their time is precious, so they develop alternate ways to communicate without ever saying a word. This does not diminish their relationship, and it signifies their relationship has moved up to the next level.

A look can say many things, and every couple who has been together for years recognizes the meaning in their partner’s looks. A slight frown can signify they need to discuss something before it goes further, and a set look usually says it is unacceptable to their partner. A partner who refuses to correctly interpret these looks might find they will be given many more words than they want, so it is important to take the time to learn and understand them.

There are those who can make an entire range of decisions without ever speaking, and this generally occurs between partners who have been together for decades. Their body language is intimately familiar, and they can tell with just a glance whether or not their partner feels the same as they do. Sometimes they might even be able to tell how their partner feels about something by their silence, and other times it takes a smile or frown to know their mind.

Relationships develop over time, and many couples find it easier to communicate without words because they are pressed for time. They reserve their moments of speech between them for making future plans, or they see it as a way to enjoy the world together in conversation. They do not need to tell each other how much their love means, and they choose to show each other in a thousand small ways throughout every day of their lives.