The Wall of Silence

Comfort by Touch


There are times in life when emotions can overwhelm a person completely, and they find it impossible to speak. Tears could keep them from being able to form words, or a lump forms in their throat as they try to explain what is wrong. Emotional imbalances are often difficult for even adults to overcome, and they could find they are unable to share with their partner. For those who have been lucky enough to find the right person, comfort by touch could be the way their partner helps them past their crisis.

Giving and receiving in a relationship is about many different things, so those who only think of one aspect could be cutting off their own future comfort. While they might never imagine they could be so overwhelmed that speech is impossible, their partner might have dealt with it in another situation. Their experience could be part of the gift package they bring to the relationship.

The feeling of compassion is what a person going through a dark emotional tide needs, and those who have it can use just a comforting hand or a hug to pass it on to the one they love. Just knowing that a partner is there can help ease the burden, and it can keep a person from seeking into the depths of depression. Their partner’s touch is a signal that they are there, and they are ready to help or share the burden if necessary.

Love comes in many different forms, and each one of them can be viable at some point in a relationship. Two people who never thought of being in a situation so bad they could not discuss it can still find ways to be supportive of each other. It might seem like a small thing, but one touch could be all it takes.