An Unbreakable Wall

Life is not always simple or easy, and traumatic events impact many people. When a couple goes through a traumatic event together, it often draws them closer. There are some couples who find the event has isolated them from each other, and both of them may build an unbreakable wall. When this occurs, their best chance of recovery is to find professional assistance. It will not be easy for either of them, but it will put them on the path to recovering their relationship.

Breaking down the walls that stop communication is an act of faith, and this is true whether or not a relationship is at stake. The person who is isolated may not be able to communicate at all, or they may not realize someone is trying to contact them. The wall keeps them away from others, emotionally or physically, and it takes great strength for the other person to reach them. The person reaching must be strong enough to dig a hole in the wall to have any chance to break it down.

A relationship relies rely on good communication to prosper, and breaking through to a partner may be the only way to save it. A person who is willing to try repeatedly to open up the lines is one who cares deeply for their partner, and they will often continue trying until they achieve their goal. Some may be forced to eventually give up, but those who succeed are the heroes of romantic legends.

One of the unfortunate outcomes may be that they reach their partner, but they find the person prefers to keep their wall solid. This will generally end the relationship, and both people will suffer for it. Those who continue past this point will often become frustrated because their efforts are doomed to fail, but they know that perseverance has saved many relationships.