The Wall of Silence

A Gift of Flowers


Couples together a short time may suddenly find they are at an impasse, yet it may not signal the end of their relationship. Whatever issue is plaguing them, their inability to find a way past it can lead to a breakdown in communications. The silent treatment of a partner signifies a lack of agreement, but it often makes it difficult to move forward. A gift of flowers might seem too simple or trite, but the thought behind it can signify a partner still wants to work on the issue.

When communication is lacking between two people, it can become impossible for them to find a solution other than separating permanently. Their feelings on a particular issue might run quite deep, but it does not necessarily mean they care for each other any less. A small gift that is given as a thoughtful gesture is not going to solve their problem. It is not meant to carry that burden, but it is a way for them to begin the process of communicating once more. That is what will provide them with the strength to begin negotiating and communicating again.

Modern relationships are about more than just navigating the world successfully. They are filled with love and affection for a partner, and that can complicate matters when issues arise. Disagreements can run deep, and solutions could be hard to find as feelings boil over between partners. Silence could be a good answer for a day or two, but it will never be a good solution for a lifetime together.

Thoughtfulness toward a partner shows a caring heart, and it can be the small chink that breaks down the walls between a couple. Being able to offer nothing more than a gesture might be all that is needed to get back on track toward building a great future full of words and love.