The Wall of Silence

Creating Communication Pathways


While communication is an important part of the life of any couple, learning how to communicate through alternate means is one of the best ways to enhance their relationship. Learning how the other person thinks and reacts is an integral part of building bridges of trust between them, so keen observation over time should be expected from a good partner. While not every partner is able to successfully state their wants and needs, observation is a good way to see what they want or need without using words.

Taking the time in this busy world to notice things about a partner is a mark of the commitment two people can share, and it can enhance the relationship in unexpected ways. Learning how to notice when someone wants something unaffordable might not get it for them, but the thought their partner recognized their dream will give the person the feeling of connection they seek. It will add strength to the bonds that tie them together, and it will salve the feelings of the partner whose wants will not be achievable in the near future.

Memories are part of what couples build over their years together, and this can be a creative way to communicate with a partner. If there was something special they wanted years ago but did not have the funds to get it, remembering their dream in future years can help show them how much they are loved. While they might no longer want the same thing, the emotional lift from remembering they wanted it might achieve the same results as getting it for them.

There are many unseen ways that couples can share communication, and many of them build their own special pathways of communication as their relationship progresses. For those who realize the importance of it, creating new ways to share thoughts with their partner can give their relationship an extra dimension that will make their years together even better.